So You’ve Opened a Coffee Shop. Now What?

April 25, 2019 (Published: January 31, 2014)
Greg Ubert, Founder and President, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea
Greg Ubert, founder and president, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea
Greg Ubert, founder and president, Crimson Cup Coffee & Tea

If you’ve recently opened a coffee shop, you might be wondering what to do next. With the hustle and bustle of the opening behind you, it’s easy to be lulled into a period of relative inactivity.

As Greg observes in a recent edition of CoffeeTalk, “A lot of coffee house owners begin with the impression that the hardest work is behind them once they open their doors. Like Ray Kinsella, Kevin Costner’s character in the movie ‘Field of Dreams,’ they believe customers, like Ray’s ballplayers, will appear as if by magic now that they’ve built their coffee shop.”

In most cases, nothing could be farther from reality. As Greg observes, “…your most intense activity will come in the months after you open. Coffee businesses are built incrementally. You need to attract customers and keep them coming back, all while becoming an expert at other aspects of running your business.’

Looking for some solid strategies to put you on the path to success? Then check out the complete article in CoffeeTalk.

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