7 Steps Customer Growth Rep Jenn Koenig

Jenn with Coffee Farmer David Lopez.

You could say Jenn Koenig grew up in the coffee business.

Her mother opened Scioto Valley Coffee in Circleville, Ohio in 2009 through our 7 Steps to Success program.

Jenn helped out in the shop throughout high school. She received initial training from Armando, the cupper who gave his name to our Armando’s Blend coffee.

While attending Ohio University in Athens, she worked for Court Street Coffee, another Crimson Cup customer.

After graduating with a double major in communications and public relations, Jenn worked in marketing. But coffee and Crimson Cup kept calling to her.

Supporting Independent Coffee Shop Owners

Jenn joined Crimson Cup as a Customer Growth Specialist in 2018. Since then, she has worked with dozens of independent coffee shop owners.

She opened 29 stores in two years, went to multiple trainings and openings, and did quite a few re-trainings. She was involved with all aspects of Grand Opening planning, including staffing, marketing, and event logistics.

“After coffee shops open, I support them in all aspects throughout their journey as a business owner,” she says.

“Whether that’s bringing in new ideas to help increase sales, helping with equipment malfunctions, or hiring a new manager, I try to be a consistent resource to help them every step of the way.

She especially enjoys guiding new owners through the crucial first weeks, when they face the most difficulties.

“They are overwhelmed, busy, having inventory issues, staffing issues, they’re working 16-hour days… it’s stressful work!

“I support them, first, by being a listening ear. And, second, by helping them get their logistics in order. We talk through their most pressing issue and work for a solution.”

From Coffee Consultant to Coffee Shop Owner

Jenn and Tim Koenig

In 2020, Jenn became an owner herself.

She and husband Tim Koenig purchased the shop where she had pulled her first shot of espresso.

They opened a second coffee shop, Millersport Coffee, in 2021.

“As the owner of two coffee shops, I can’t say how much I value Crimson Cup,” she says.

“Not only do they bring a lot of coffee experience to the table, but you have access to an entire team of people who truly care about your business and want to you succeed, and will do anything to help you.”

With two coffee shops and a young son, today Jenn divides her time between her own business, Crimson Cup, and her family .

“I work all the backend tasks like human resources, scheduling, payroll, marketing, etc., at my shops, support the 29 stores that I opened with Crimson Cup, and hang out with my son.”

Traveling to Origin

Jenn at Serve Hope International in Honduras

Through Crimson Cup’s Friend2Farmer initiatives, she visited Honduran coffee farms in 2019 and 2020.

“We got to see the hard work and dedication that went into getting the coffee from there to here, and it gave coffee an entirely new meaning,” she says.

“It’s amazing to know that Crimson Cup cares so much about the farming communities and their workers.”

“I believe the work that’s done at the corporate level with our farming communities is directly reflected in the work we do with our customers, which in turn is done with their customers.”

She says Crimson Cup has helped her achieve her personal motto: “Live a life that you’re proud of, and have fun!”